Before you plan your wedding ...


The most important questions to ask before you start planning for your wedding

Guest blog by OutReach Mama


Getting engaged is a turning point and life-changing event in a person’s life. As soon as you tell your friends and family, you are bombarded with questions. But before you can answer these questions, there are a few decisions you have to make together. Let’s go through a few of them.


How much can you afford to spend?

Before you begin pricing venues, interviewing wedding planners, and selecting a gown, you have to know how much you can comfortably afford to spend.


One of the first things you should do is set up a Honeyfund. The Honeyfund account can be set up, and the details can be added later. This allows family and friends who choose to gift you with monetary gifts time to decide where to apply it. Some family may choose to fund your honeymoon travel or your baker or florist. As you make decisions for the wedding, these funds will free you financially for other things.


How much time do you have?

Before you can answer this, you must first decide on your venue and wedding planner. You will need to know their availability. Once you manage to find the dates that work for each of you, you can begin the planning.

What will your wedding planner take care of?

You need details of what she is expected to do. WIll she coordinate the vendors? Does she have experience in the type of wedding you are planning? Does she have a back-up plan if she is taken ill or has an emergency? How well is she connected with wedding vendors in the community?

How many guests will be invited?

This is a serious issue. The more guests you have, the more money you will need. You will need sitting room (which may mean a larger venue), more food, more alcohol, a larger cake, and other things. Be sure to sit down and make a realistic guest list.

What is your vision for a wedding gown?

There are many styles, colors, and types of wedding gowns. There are also many colors and styles of bridesmaids gowns. A bride deserves a professional that will find the perfect dress for her and her party. The gown of your dreams is waiting for you. You simply have to find it.



Do you have any non-negotiables?


This is something only the two of you can answer. It is not silly or frivolous. Is there something that means so much to you that you cannot imagine it not being part of your wedding? Maybe you want a band to play at the reception and not a DJ. Maybe you have always wanted a champagne fountain, or your dream is to be brought to the wedding venue in a horse drawn carriage. Perhaps your dream is to be married in the same church where your mother and father took their vows.


If you have something that is simply non-negotiable, you must put it at the top of your wedding plans. Set aside the money to pay for it. List it on your honeymoon registry. Most of all, decide what you are willing to give up in order to get it if your budget runs low.



Once these questions have been addressed, you can begin the fun of planning your wedding. By planning ahead, you will have less stress and more time to attend to small details before they become demanding problems.