About Breesa and BLOOMS

my little helper. photo by rochelle cheever.

my little helper. photo by rochelle cheever.

It all started when...

I've loved flowers all my life, art in all forms, really.  I adored helping my great-grandparents in their garden and stringing flowers together as gifts for my neighbors.  Painting and drawing were also huge parts of my life and eventually, in college, I studied Fine Art.  During college is when I started working at a flower shop and my flower love was solidified.  I was addicted and started working for who ever I could, whenever I could.  In 2010 my husband and I moved to New York City and I began working with landscape architects at Preservation Green. I learned so much about the aesthetics of 18th and 19th century gardens on the East Coast and Europe and how those same design qualities are reflected from the world of Fine Art.

I eventually went back to working for retail and event florists in Manhattan, curating floral designs for television, print work, businesses, an eclectic assortment of weddings, and very discerning clientele.  I started getting the itch to pursue my own company so that I could combine my love of both flowers and Fine Art while working to create the client experience that I believe is so important.  Around that same time my husband and I decided we would like to start a family, so we moved back home to San Diego, I started up BLOOMS, and about 9 months later our Delores Rose was here. (yes, it was really insane to start a family and a business at the same time)

Having a floral design company, the schedule balances wonderfully with my husband's teaching schedule and we're able to find plenty of time for evenings together and family vacations.  Since this time is so important to me it led to my decision to limit the amount of weddings I take every year.  Even though I've worked for huge production companies I'm not somebody who enjoys balancing 6-10 clients per day and feeling like I'm constantly playing catch up, or having to prioritize between clients that should all be the same priority! The decision to take only one event per day (usually per week) leaves time for me to pay close attention to each client.  Spending time on consultations, site visits, and thoroughly answering all questions are important to me.  I create personalized design sketches and put together visual proposals and mood boards so that you can see the beauty surrounding your flower plans.  The experience we have during the design process is as important as the final result.

The point of all that is ... I love flowers and I love people that love flowers and I can't wait to hear from you!