little helper. photo by rochelle cheever. top San Diego wedding florist

a note from Breesa ...

I believe very much in service, the creative process, and Love.  This floral adventure is the way I've found to combine and celebrate all three. Each event I get to spoil lovebirds, create an environment to immerse clients and their guests in a world that fills their senses, and use my skills to work with the most amazing people. 

I describe my personal and design styles as abundant, feminine, and timeless with a little something surprising.  I've always loved flowers, from being the kid who talked to trees and sat for hours in the rose garden to being the adult constantly sipping floral tea and turning my skin into a flowery canvas (that's my "something surprising"!) Floral design is the obvious course my life took.  Constantly amazed by the transformation we can feel by being surrounded by something so pleasant to all of our senses, I adore strolling through overgrown gardens and fiddling with the unique textures to be found.  Over the past 14 years, I've worked coast to coast and sometimes crossing oceans to follow my flowering dreams.  Working for various companies, on diverse creative projects, and with discerning clientele I've gathered all of my most favorite processes and lessons to create BLOOMS.  I find it very important to take inspiration from my clients' dreams and needs as well as the flowers themselves.

As my daughter grows, she's mostly found off in her own make-believe (and I imagine flower filled) world. She is very much the inspiration for moving mindfully throughout my day and with my business.  Taking time, cultivating joy, being attentive to family, and limiting the number of my full service bookings to ensure time for a personalized client experience.  

Service to others is important in our family.  I am honored to have been a part of the 2017 San Diego Wish Upon a Wedding, donating flowers to a very deserving couple to create the wedding day of their dreams!  Fingers crossed, 2018 will bring the creation of a floral design training program with young adults that grew up in the foster system.

About the BLOOMS process:  I love to create inspiration boards full of colors, flower types, and big picture plans.  I adore providing custom sketches of designs, collecting details, and creating samples of what centerpieces will look like to stir excitement and anticipation about the plans we've decided on.  A few weeks before the event I go to the flower market and walk through the aisles reserving flowers based on your ideal list we've put together.  I love to leave a little magic in the ordering process so I go back to the market a few days before the wedding to gather armfuls of the flowers that bring about that extra spark of inspiration to create a design that is something unlike any other event your guests are going to attend.  Evoking emotions, stirring memories, and creating new ones by incorporating multiple senses - this is your day to LOVE ABUNDANTLY!

I'm so glad you've found BLOOMS and I look forward to creating something magical together. xo, Breesa

photo by Petula Pea Photography